Rating System

I’ve thought about it a while and I realized the perfect rating system isn’t stars, a letter grade, or a number. What would be the best way to rate a movie is for me to just say the most simple thing that I can say. Watch this movie or don’t watch this movie.

From now on most reviews will end kind of like this

Should you see this film? – Yes!

I’m also considering using a 5 star system along with this as well. Just to give two ways of rating the film.

Also, consider the fact that my scale is for the movies on this side. I might give Seven Samurai a 5 star review on some other site, but on here I could give Plan 9 from outer space a 5 star reivew also. Not because I think the movies are on the same level, it’s because I think Plan 9 is a 5 star b-movie.


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